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Element 3D version 2.2 is an advanced 3D object and particle render engine for Windows.

It is a high performance After Effects plug-in for

creating Motion Design & Visual Effects.

  • Import 3D Objects & Textures
  • OBJ & C4D Formats
  • Animation OBJ Sequences
  • Textures: PNG, JPG, HDR, EXR
  • OBJ with MTL
  • C4D Files

• Supports Spot Lights & Parralel Lights

• Soft Shadows for Spot Lights

• Up to 8K Map Resolution & Sample Quality

• Shadow range based on map size

• New SSAO includes quality presets

• Tighter contact & SSAO Color Tint

• Supports All Light types

• Accurate Soft Shadows

• Renders slower & Requires more memory

• Ray Trace features require OpenCL GPU

• Accurate contact edges

• Slower that SSAO

• Cast shadows using special Matte Shadow Material

• Supports Shadows and Ambient Occlusion Shading

• Options for shadow color tint and opacity

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Plug-in for after effects

Animated OBJ Sequences Support

Built-In Glow Rendering

Added generate 3D position null.

Added group nulls.

New Draft Modes for faster workflows

New Particle Distribution Ordering & Repeating Options

Fixed incorrect World Position Null when using downsampling.

Fixed Matte materials when using Supersampling.

Fixed slowdown when using 3D Object replicator.

Fixed crashes when using Generate 3D Position.

Fixed crash when using Multi Processor rendering.

Fixed environment map not relinking properly.

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