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Crack Open RAR File

«Today I downloaded a cabinet file whose format is RAR from the web. Just as I was trying to extract the RAR file, it asked for password. I looked for the extracting password from the website where I downloaded the RAR file, but didn’t find it. Now who can tell me one way to unlock encrypted RAR file without password? Any RAR file password cracking software or tool is OK. But make sure it has no virus. Thanks in advance.«

In this case, firstly try to unlock the encrypted RAR file by the following 2 means.

1. Double click your password encrypted RAR file. Then double click to expand the folders saved in it. Maybe you can find the password there.

2. Try to use the website where you downloaded the encrypted RAR file as the extracting password.

If failed to unlock the encrypted RAR file with the above means, now provided you the powerful and certainly effective software called iSumsoft RAR Password Refixer. Use this program to crack rar file password fast. Now, let’s begin.

Unlock encrypted RAR files with RAR Password Refixer

Step 1: Get RAR Password Refixer.

Download RAR Password Refixer from iSumsoft Official site and install it on your Windows PC.

When installation is finished, launch RAR Password Refixer program.

Step 2: Import the encrypted RAR file.

1. Click Open button to select your password encrypted RAR file. Then, click Open button to add it into the program.

Step 3: Select one password attack type.

An appropriate attack type will make this program crack RAR file password more effectively. It’s recommended to try theВ Dictionary attack method before proceeding to theВ Brute-force attackВ method. To speed up the password recovery process, see: How to set different kinds of parameters for password recovery attack type.

Step 4: Start to recover RAR file password.

After selecting attack type, click Start button to start decrypting RAR file password.

Once your password has been recovered, the program clearly notifies you of the results. Just need to click Copy button and then paste the password to unlock your encrypted RAR file and then extract the files in it.

Step 5: Unlock encrypted RAR file.

Now you are able to open the password-protected RAR file with the recovered password.


RAR Password Refixer is specialized RAR password recovery software, which can help crack the RAR file’s unknown password, or recover RAR file password when you forgot or lost it. It is such a program that makes it possible and easy to unlock encrypted RAR files without password. Most important are no virus and no data will be lost while cracking or recovering password for encrypted RAR files.

Still have a question? Ask your own!

So you need to know about the method to find the password of a WinRAR file. I will share one of my experience, which will help you to address the issue. Recently I downloaded a game file from torrent and well same thing happened to me. It has a password and i tried searching for internet for hours to get a solution.

After some research, I found one software, which was extremely useful to find the winRAR password. It helped me to find the WinRAR password and you can try it. In majority of the cases it finds the password. The software is “RAR Password Unlocker

What is RAR Password Unlocker?

RAR Password Unlocker is a software to find the password of a password protected WinRAR file. It is simple to use and free of cost. The main disadvantage of the software is that it takes the time to find the password. According to the complexity of the file, the time required to locate the password varies. Apparently, it takes less time to find secure passwords.

Various methods of finding the password in RAR Password Unlocker are listed in below section. Select any of the options and get the password.

  • Brute-Force Attack
  • Brute-Force with Mask Attack

You can easily use the software without any problem. Personally, I used the software, and it takes 1 hour to find the password of the file. You can try this software for the rare files as it takes time. Better go to another file if you have the option.

What is the Use of RAR Password Unlocker?

The use of RAR Password Unlocker comes when you download a big file from the internet. If it is a rare file, you probably don’t get any more and only option remaining is to use this software.

While going through some online forum I noticed that many people are asking the question about unlocking the WinRAR password. I didn’t notice till I download a file with the password. I searched and find the password using this software easily. In the coming section, i will post the method to find the password.

In short, we can list the use of the software as:

Just try your password protected file with this software and it the password is easy then it will find within seconds. Hope this works well for you.

How to Use RAR Password Unlocker Easily?

It is very easy to use the software; even novice can use it. You can check the screenshot of the software and understand yourself. We will explain each step in detail and follow the steps to retrieve the password.

Method to use RAR Password Unlocker

STEP 1: Install RAR Password Unlocker in your computer.

STEP 2: Open the software as usual by double clicking.

STEP 3: Now open the password protected file by Open > Select the file.

STEP 4: After selecting the file, click on START

STEP 5: Now you have to wait till it finds the password.

The screenshot will help you, and you can easily find the required password


Today here I will show you how to Crack any RAR/ZIP file password without any software. Some time password protected Zip / Rar files occasionally face problems. Most of time we use various software for recover the password . But without any software we can do this using a simple Notepad Tricks.

So let’s start working –

Steps to be followed:

Step 1: Download Rar Password Cracker.rar [Password== “manishacks”]

Step 2: Open the file “Rar Password Cracker.bat”.

Step 3: Enter Full Name of your password protected rar / zip file and enter the correct spelling of the name with extension.

Step 4: Enter Location of the file(open the file properties and then copy and paste the file location).

Step 5: Click Enter.

Step 6: Now wait for sometime, finding work has been started.

Remember, the bigger the file size greater will be the rescue operation.

Step 7: Voila. Password Found.

Step 8: Just copy the password and paste it while opening that password protected file you want to crack.

Step 9: Now you can access the files stored in the assword protected rar/zip file.

NOTE: This trick work only for numeric passwords, and it takes more time as the strength of password increases.

Feel free to ask for any help through comments.

Watch the complete video Tutorial Available on Youtube :

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