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How Make crack

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When I was in my twenties they called it free basing. It involved taking the powder cocaine and adding something to it. Anything you have to cook is not for me.

I do have a relative that does crack and this person is sadly messed up. You need to be aware of anything like this you put into your body because there is a good chance you will end up with brain damage. That is something that can’t be fixed.

Please think twice before doing illegal or legal drugs because they are not perfect and the potential is there for death and other terrible things.

In the state of Florida a young guy took something he found in his patents home and they haven’t said what is was but he killed 2 people injured another and they had to pull him off the dead man because he was eating his face.

Just one bad decision and there goes you entire life. Gone

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Cracked corn is an ingredient in many animal feeds and is often fed by itself to chickens or other home-raised fowl. Finely cracked corn can also be used to add texture to breads, soups and stews. If you are planning to crack corn for animal feed, you will need a large, commercial-size grain mill to accomplish this task. If you are wanting cracked corn for use in recipes for your table, a home grain mill will do the job splendidly. Either way, the process is the same.

Things You’ll Need

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Set up your grinder according to manufacturer’s instructions. If your grinder settings are adjustable, set the adjustment to the coarsest grind possible.

Set a bowl or bucket beneath the discharge shoot of the grinder. This will catch the cracked corn as it is processed.

Fill the hopper of the grinder with whole, shelled dried corn.

Turn the grinder on if using an electric model; otherwise, begin turning the crank on a manual grinder. Grind the corn, allowing it to fall into the bucket or bowl until the hopper is empty.

Repeat by refilling the hopper and coarsely grinding the corn until the desired amount has been cracked.

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