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Kingdom Come: Deliverance Download PC Game + Crack and Torrent Free

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance Download Free is an RPG game that was set up in Central Europe in the early 15th century. The game is characterized by historical realism (the creators described it jokingly as Dungeons & No Dragons), as well as a nonlinear plot, an open world structure, a complex combat system, and an impressive graphic design (the title uses CryEngine 3 technology).

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Download Crack is a Windows-based first-person action RPG, set in the historical medieval realm of Central Europe. The independent Czech studio Warhorse is responsible for the development of the game. Authors of the popular Mafia, Original War strategy or the 2003-2007 trilogy of UFOs. While working on their debut title, the developers behind our southern border drew inspirations from a number of iconic genres in their genre, resulting in the mechanics and openness of the world being reminiscent of such titles as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and the Mount & Blade series. . The Dark Souls series became a model for the difficult and extremely demanding battle system, and the story itself can awaken the associations of our native The Witcher. Kingdom Come: Deliverance Download Torrent was officially announced in December 2013, as an extremely expanded production, broken into three major episodes (acts). The first part of the game was released in the summer of 2016 on PCs and consoles of the eighth generation, and subsequent acts were made available by the developers at half-year intervals.


The game was set in central Europe in the early 15th century. The proper action begins in 1403, ie a dozen or so years before the bloody Hussite wars that shook not only Czechs but also the Kingdom of Germany or Poland, ruled in those days by Władysław Jagiełło. In Kingdom Come: Deliverance Download Crack Skidrow we play the son of a blacksmith, a young boy named Henry. When one day his village is razed to the ground by enemy armies, our protagonist pledges to fulfill his father’s last will and to take revenge on the perpetrators of the assault. Henry, driven to retaliate, will soon be involved in a great deal of politics and an entire network of intrigues, which will in turn result in a much more difficult task of saving the legitimate ruler of his country and restoring order in the state. To accomplish this goal will take our hero a good few years, during which he will visit various parts of Central Europe and will participate in a whole series of historical events and authentic battles.


Gameplay in Kingdom Come: Deliverance Download Torrent Reloaded on PC Windows platform takes place in the vast, open world of medieval Central Europe, divided into three separate parts (one for each game). The mechanics of play, however, do not differ significantly from most contemporary action games, so during the game we will fight, talk to independent characters, develop our skills, engage in crafts and take care of our equipment, and perform various main and secondary tasks. , Characterized by considerable freedom of realization, and thus non-linear development of the plot. In the course of the game, our hero will also include various independent characters who will support him with his skills in combat and in the task for a shorter or longer time. Unlike most fantasy-themed games, Kingdom Come: Deliverance Repack Download is set in historical times, so there are no monsters or magical items during the game, and fidelity to the historical realities of the era is fused. Also reflect their repertoire, among others. In the hero’s development system. The game has run out of a typical class system, and our protagonist, described by four basic factors (health, fitness, hunger and sleepiness) can develop in different directions, using eg the skill of a warrior, bard or thief. Interestingly, Henry is shaping his talents not only through his duties, but also through read books and teachers. An extremely important role in the game is a fight, which is far from a typical arcade model, known from the popular slasher. The creators of the game, with their extraordinary piety, recreated the rules of medieval fencing, which resulted in a realistic but extremely demanding mechanics of combat, with the ability to punch in different parts of the body, block, evaporate or crush a hostile weapon. It is worth noting, however, that in the course of the game our protagonist will take part not only in individual duels, but also in epic sieges, where we are awaiting clashes involving even hundreds of characters. Also worth mentioning is the extremely elaborate inventory system.

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Создатель проекта: Razilator (Владислав)

Заместители: XemorDio (Владислав), Рок-стар (Александр)

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