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Marvel Heroes is a production studio created by Gazillion Entertainment. The authors decided to combine the elements characteristic of the MMO genre productions likes of Diablo. As a result, we travel the world overrun by thugs watching

the action in an isometric view and beating the hosts of enemies. Doctor Doom came into possession of a dangerous device called a Cosmic Cube and use it to want to change the reality. Superheroes must stop him at all costs. Brilliant villain, however, is not going to sell cheap leather and won over the other villains. A player is a tangle of his plans.

At the beginning of the game create a character using character models from Marvel universe. Therefore, among the available characters missing Spider-Man, X-Men and the Avengers team members. To increase the diversity of the appearance of individual characters to the game makers have introduced additional outfits that appeared in the pages of comic books over the last few years. When creating our avatars we use also the substantial pool of skills that determine the course of the game.

The basic element of fun is a comic exploration of the known sites and eliminate hordes of enemies. During the game, visiting among other Mutant Town or the Avengers Tower. In the game there are social networking sites allow you to create a team with other players and shared undertake dangerous missions. Like the other productions of the genre, including Marvel Heroes could not miss the character development and the acquisition of another, more powerful items. As you progress in the game, gain experience and unlocks new abilities for the hero.The game was shown in an isometric view. Graphic design is typical of comic book graphic style, and special attention has been paid to the animation as a superpower. The game is based on the financial model of free-to-play. This means that the basic features are available for free, but to unlock additional content is required to make a purchase via the built-in store.

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