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Hello Everybody , Today we post A Great and very useful Trick for who Can not Purchase Facebook Social TooLkit Because of Less use or Its Also Too costly. So Here you get Premium Latest Version of Facebook Social Toolkit, After Following or reading all steps you can crack Facebook Social Toolkit without any problem. You can use this application Without Any serial key of facebook social toolkit by this method. In Facebook Tool free version you can use only free tools but after this premium download of facebook toolkit you can free tools as well as their premium Tools options. Use this extension you can earn lots of money by sharing your affiliate links , share your website etc.

Its 100% Working method because i personally use when i promote my blog vlivetricks on facebook by this Facebook social toolkit cracked Chrome Extension. You just Install our cracked version in your chrome browser and your all premium tools working fine without any serial key. If New or latest version of facebook social toolkit is come then we update here with crack so bookmark this page for better use. Before we posted many facebook tricks click to view How to Earn Money Online Via Facebook in 2018 Full Tutorial , Old Bypass Facebook Photo Verification Trick , Prevent/Save your facebook account from hackers.

If you search about this extension then you know about this how to work this tools. Its very amazing software for free advertise in facebook. This app is developed by getmyscript , Its very useful app for free advertise on facebook it is very rich in features you can do anything in facebook by just single click. Here we define all about fb social toolkit if you don’t know about it, and how to use for free promotion on facebook. How to crack and use their premium tools without any license serial key.

Main Features and use of facebook social toolkit (2018)

Free version is also available but you can use only free tools in their free version, If you wants to use premium tools of fb social toolkit then you need to crack this chrome extension.

  • You can extract id your Facebook account.
  • Invite all facebook friends to Like Page at Once or in single click.
  • Invite all facebook friends to join Group at Once or in single click.
  • Invite all facebook friends to Your event at Once or in single click.
  • Accept all Friends Request at once or in single click.

This are all free tools you can use it without any premium license serial key activated facebook social toolkit.

Free removal tools

This tools is also free anybody can use without any premium facebook toolkit.

  • Unlike all facebook pages in single click or at once.
  • Unfriend all facebook friends in single click or at once.
  • Unfollow all facebook friends in single click or at once.
  • You can delete all comments in single click.
  • You can reject all Friends Request in single click.
  • Unfollow all facebook groups in single click.
  • Remove all facebook groups in single click.

Premium tools

Premium tools is works only on Premium version of facebook social toolkit or cracked version, Follow below steps to download premium facebook social toolkit.

Mostly uses premium tools :-

  1. You can Auto post on Multiple Fb Groups in single click.
  2. You can Auto post on Multiple Facebook Pages in single click.
  3. Send message to all facebook friends at once.
  4. You can Extract all groups Email id in single click.
  5. Extract your all friends email id in single click.
  6. And much more like extract all facebook friends and Group members Mobile number in single click , group id’s , friends facebook ids, extract all group members email at once etc.

This all Options is working fine after cracked, This app is very useful in facebook marketing it have all features to make you good marketer.

How to crack facebook social toolkit Premium for lifetime (pc)

  1. Firstly , You need to Download Latest Version of Facebook Social Toolkit 2.3.7 .
  2. Extract it anywhere.
  3. Navigate to chrome settings >> Extensions.
  4. Now Drag and Drop this extracted Crx File in chrome extensions.
  5. Now click on Add Extension.
  6. Now the tricky part is come , Open C drive.
  7. Navigate to >> Users>> >>AppData >> Local >> GoogleChromeUser >>Data >> Default >> Extensions >> fcachklhcihfinmagjnlomehfdhndhep2.3.7_0 >> content >> js >>global.
  8. Here you”ll see validate.cs file just replace by your downloaded validate.cs file.
  9. Now open facebook social toolkit and click on premium tools, It “ll ask to enter email and serial key just enter anything.
  10. Done ! You cracked Facebook social toolkit, Now you can use their premium tools as free.

Download Facebook Social Toolkit Premium Apk 2018

If you android Mobile User then This Premium Apk Will help to Use all Features for Free. The method will Work on Both Rooted and non-Rooted Device

  1. Download Latest Cracked Premium Apk [ Click Here ]
  2. Now Enable Unknown Sources Installation Option Under Settings >> Security
  3. Install and Open it
  4. Login via Facebook Id and password
  5. Enjoy Premium Tools for Free in Android Mobile

Final Words of this post

We hope you understand our words and successfully crack facebook social toolkit and enjoy their premium options as free. If you like this post then don’t forget it to share and feel free to comment below.

Note : – This is for only educational purpose don’t use for any Illegal.

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Job! Everyone’s desire to get a settled life and achieve their dream list from that starting point. These are few steps to follow to achieve the “Job” using social media. This steps to crack the interview are very crucial to follow at the time of the interview, to end up with a job after graduation.

1. Sensible posts on social media

Out of the 100 employees selected in a company, according to Forbes, 75% of them are selected by comparing employee’s Social profile. The primary step to follow to not be rejected is by maintaining a proper and legal publishing of posts on social media. Keep your profiles attractive because it makes a judgment on you immediately after seeing the posts that you are involved in.

source: google

2.Choose what social media to be Showcased on your job profile

“Quality over quantity “, is more important, when you are showcasing your social profile. Prioritize which platform to show in profile. “LINKEDIN” is considered to be the main platform for the employee to participate in. Because “LINKEDIN” defined the ability or interest of one about grasping new information and learning ability.

source: google

3.Your network with people in your field of profession

Connect with members who are related to the profession which you want to grow in. Follow, subscribe and like the Companies and experts in the profession to stay updated with the new updates in the profession. This will let you know new hires and also product development.

source: google

4.Don’t ask for a job on Social Networks

Don’t ask for a job, keep your professional exchange away from the Social Media. Let your social media reflect your choices and personality and

don’t make it a job-seeking trial platform.

source: google

5. Time to plan to design job profile:

Plan to yourself to design and work on your profile on one day. To create contacts and join the alumni, another day. Gather knowledge about the companies on next day. Don’t make it messy, by trying to complete all the works in one day. Take your time and create a quality work.

source: internet

So, all the best with your hunt for a job… hope this tips will benefit you in your effort to find a job.

The subject of addiction swirls with myths and misinformation. It doesn’t help that so many people seem to believe that their own struggle with addiction — or a few drop-ins to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings — make them unquestionable experts on the topic. As the latest news about Charlie Sheen’s escapades show, sometimes the seemingly crazy statements of an apparently active addict can be more accurate than those of people who have spent years in recovery and even some “addiction experts” — if you go by the science, that is. (More on New Hope For An Anti-Cocaine Vaccine)

Myth One: Everyone Who Takes Crack Is An Addict

On Monday, during a radio interview with the sports-talk “Dan Patrick Show,” Sheen mentioned that some crack users can “manage it socially.” (He said his own attempts to be a social crack user “kind of blew up in my face. Like an exploding crack pipe, Dan.”)

Although crack cocaine is indeed one of the most addictive drugs, Sheen’s statement about social use is true of most people who have tried the drug, if by “social” you mean use that does not qualify you for a diagnosis of substance dependence. Far from being universally addictive, crack is actually unattractive to the majority of people who’ve tried it: only about 15%-20% of initial users become hooked. (More on Bonus: 4 Tips for Staying on the Wagon)

Indeed, according to data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, about 75.6% of those who tried crack between 2004 and 2006 were not using it at all two years later. Another 15% were still hitting the pipe occasionally, but not at levels that would qualify them as addicts. About 9.2% were addicted.

So, although Sheen’s terminology may be inexact, he’s correct about the existence of non-addicted crack users. He’s also correct to note that drinking chocolate milk is much, much safer.

Myth Two: Residential Treatment Works Better than Outpatient Treatment, and Must Be Done in Groups

People magazine recently reported that Sheen would go into treatment for substance abuse for the third time, this time at home: “Surrounded by a team of professionals, the Two and Half Men star will attend no meetings with other patients, check into no center. He could do it all at home or in some other private setting.” (More on Does Suffering From Withdrawal Really Mean You’re Addicted?)

Commenting on Sheen’s rehab plan, Dr. Drew told the magazine that “treatment of addiction is a group process when done properly — not an individual thing at all.” Yet actual addiction research shows this is not the case. For example, the largest study ever done on alcoholism treatment, Project Match, was conducted mainly through individual therapy sessions (though one arm did focus on improving 12-step group participation): its aim was not to compare individual to group treatment, but overall, it found individual treatment just as successful.

Further, studies that have directly compared inpatient treatment to outpatient therapy have found that there is little difference in outcomes for most addicts, except for very severe cases, particularly amongst the homeless and jobless — these people lack social and family support, or other important goals to work toward, things that have been found to aid recovery. For employed professionals — like Sheen — outpatient and inpatient treatment tend to be equally effective. (More on ‘i-Dosing’: Can You Download a Drug High?)

Myth Three: 12-Step Programs are Required for Recovery

Although celebrities, including Sheen’s own father, swear by them, 12-step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous are not the only way to recover from addiction. Project Match, in fact, found that on most measures, cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational enhancement therapy were as effective as 12-step facilitation (TSF), a program that worked to enhance 12-step attendance. When patients received these therapies as after-care following inpatient treatment, all three groups did equally well. However, in outpatient-treated addicts, those in the TSF group had slightly better rates of complete abstinence in the year following treatment. (More on Study: Do Energy Drinks Lead to Alcohol Abuse?)

So, although Sheen may not exactly be a model citizen — or rehab patient — his distaste for 12-step programs does not mean that he’s untreatable. Maybe he just needs to find a rehab or addiction “professional” who is familiar with the scientific literature.

Maia Szalavitz @maiasz

Maia Szalavitz is a neuroscience journalist for and co-author of Born for Love: Why Empathy Is Essential — and Endangered.

Szalavitz’s latest book is Born for Love: Why Empathy Is Essential — and Endangered. It is co-written with Dr. Bruce Perry, a leading expert in the neuroscience of child trauma and recovery.

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