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The crack We Were Hacked

The Crack! — We Weren t Hacked!

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The Crack! — We Weren t Hacked!

Anime Online

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Jason , are you here ?

What ‘s going on ?

( laughs ) Oh my god , Chrisi !

But seriously , Jason ‘s missing . Have you seen him ?

Missing !? What happened ?

Well , someone changed our password …

I changed the password .

You did ? Why didn ‘t you tell us ?

Guys , I’m changing the password on our YouTube account !

I just don ‘t think that ‘ cheese ‘ is secure enough …

But it ‘s so tasty !

Oh , I remember that …

So , where ‘s Jason ?

Well , we tried to log in to our account , but it wouldn ‘t let us …

( narrator ) Dan explained everything to Chrisi ,

leaving out the parts about porn and chat roulette .

( narrator ) Uh … nothing .

I’m still confused . Where ‘s Jason ?

( panting ) Nearly … there …

This is so boring . I wanna go do something else !

( laughs ) We ‘ re on a mountain . Where are you gonna go ?

( Jason » la — la — ing «)

That was there the whole time …

Damn it , Jason , come back !

( narrator ) Dan climbed back down the mountain to search for Jason ,

but Jason wasn ‘t there .

» WHERE COULD HE BE !?», Dan thought .

We really don ‘t need you to explain what ‘s happening .

( narrator ) Oh , I, uh …

Jason ! Where are you !?

Heeey . You wanna …

Yeah , but we can get a NEW Jason !

A better Jason ! A Jason that doesn ‘t kill people with cheese !

Yeah , that is kind of annoying .

Wait ! I know where we can get another Jason .

Wait ! Did you find out what was on the top of the mountain ?

No , I didn ‘t get a chance .

© Element Animation 2013

English Subtitles by Peso255

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