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An episode of The Crack.

The Crack is an animated series by Element Animation. It stars Jason, Dan, and Chrisi, following their adventures around the kitchen. The series is currently into it’s second season.

Below is a list of characters in The Crack.

This is a Trivia Crack Wiki and Guide with a growing database of knowledge. Trivia Crack is developed by Etermax, download free for Android and iOS users. There is also and ad free version that costs a little bit. Ads will show up between puzzles and can be slightly annoying, but there easy to back out of and avoid however. Check back to this Trivia Crack Wiki with Guides in the near future for updated and new content.

There is a new version called Trivia Crack Kingdoms that has modifications on various game features and aspects that add more depth and something new. Looks like all the questions are completely different from this version too.

Trivia Crack Wiki Guide

Join together with friends and random people around the world and test your smarts. Choose from six categories Science, Entertainment, Art, Geography, Sports and History. Each one can offer easy to very challenging questions. Spin the wheel for a random chance at one or land on the crown and pick your own. Earn coins to use different bonuses and power-ups to get those tricky questions right.

There are many different achievements available to keep you engaged for awhile. Cold down times on lives are a little hefty at 1 hour each with 3 max. Games can take awhile though making the wait not so long or none at all after a good match. Can be play many matches at once with each having a 3 day limit on time.

Right now this is the #1 trivia game in US and Canada according to the developers. Probably because everybody eventually knows all the answers after hours and hours of playtime for other apps of the like. Every game I’ve played to death with friends ends up with everyone knowing what to say before flipping a card practically. it’s only a matter of time before this little buddy suffers from the same fate. With over 100,000 questions, Updates, and new content this bad boy might be at #1 for awhile yet.

a break or split in material without a complete separation of parts. Generally, the term is used to describe breaks in solid material such as stone, ceramic and wood. (AICC n.d.)

Related Terms

split; break; crizzling

Synonyms in English

Cracking occurs when there is a failure in material secondary to chemical change, mechanical, or environmental stress. Cracks are found in objects, image surfaces, and supports and can affect one or more layers of material.

A crack can be in a straight line or branch outward with no loss to the object. (NPS 1996) However, a crack creates an inherent weakness in an object, leaving it vulnerable to further damage.

Wood, an organic material, is porous and composed of cellulose. Cellulose is an insoluble molecule that attracts water. Frequent fluctuations in temperature and relative humidity cause wood to warp and crack. (Long 2000)

Glass and ceramic are composed of materials that are hard and unyielding, leaving them vulnerable to physical damage such as cracks and breakage. (Little 2000)

In ceramics, cracks can be difficult to see, while undermining the objects’ stability.

When the material used to compose glass becomes unstable, a fine network of cracks known as ‘crizzling’ can be seen on its surface. (Little 2000)

Cracks in stone may be caused by weathering, inherent flaws, rusting pins or dowels, repair mortar that is too hard for the stone, vibrations from earthquakes, fire and frost (Vergès-Belmin 2008).

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