how to draw a wolf nyu! =3

I hope this helped you to draw a wolf =3

and for you beginners out there:

remember, practice and art work together, so dont give up =D

i hope to do some more vids on inking, coloring and shading.

but yea, this is my first "how to draw" vid so nya! XD

yea and the cam was on top my head! @_@

no lie lol

i couldnt figure out where else to put it where you would be able to see me work lol
  • Kwill220

    Wow I wish it was this easy you r so good

  • Space Corgi101

    Omg I wish I could draw like you, you’re amazing

  • Christina and Emmanuel Venetis

    that is NOT how u make the ears!!

  • Lani Thomas

    i draw wolves and i can't get the legs right this helped so much your really good!

  • 尺口ㄚ丹ㄥ girl

    σмg!! тнαт'ѕ ʝυѕт ℓιкє му fяιєи∂ѕ ∂яαωιиg ѕнє иєє∂ѕ тσ ѕєє тнιѕ!!

  • The Dark hearted Wolf DifferenceNM

    When she said circle I knew I was screwed

  • Savannah Meeks

    this video quality is like my face... and my face is garbage

  • beanie boos toy lover show,

    It turned out to be great just like yours!!!!!

  • Lps Random

    tbh the eye ruined the whole picture

  • Juanita Burton

    I drew it i did it yay 😁😇

  • Yzalexandrine Caigoy

    I was thinking making a wolf with wings!!!!!! That could be amazing ;D

  • A normal Youtube user

    Thanks this really helped alot! I was never able to draw the body before.

  • Astri Ingvaldsen K

    You're very talented

  • Heidi Sanchez-Lucas

    When the first step is making a perfect circle. Me: Shoot

  • Animation Animals

    I can't draw the back legs ;-;

  • Lucy Jordan

    was it just me or did anyone pause the video and copy the picture

  • Rose The alpha

    Try werewolf guys it's hard

  • Batson Animations

    That's so good! Thanks for letting people know how to draw! I love the wolf you guided me into drawing. But you could make the paw part a bit more simple if that's possible.

  • Drawing The Basics

    Eight minute video took an hour to draw

  • Twenty Øne crybabies at the discø

    I did it looking down at a rabbit XD

  • maria flores

    Thanks so much this is for my school

  • Small Awkward Child

    wow, i was six when this came out

  • Nivia Antunez

    omg my mom was like WHAT THAT IS TO PRETTY I WILL SOW YOUR SISTER and i was like omg ok do what you want hahaha

  • Lila Griffis

    Looks like a husky👎👎

  • Maria Martinez

    I did it I finished drawing it looks good but it looks like a cartoon wolf not a real wolf

  • Katinnity


  • person who likes wolves

    I don't draw on my channel, but I'm planning on to btw

  • Abbie Willcutt

    Thanks it's so cool

  • The Dark hearted Wolf DifferenceNM

    Btw watch my YT too!

  • Spirit2005 aj

    Check out Art Ala Carte for realistic and 1000x times better art. :) just trying to boost ya skillz.

  • Curious Mindset

    The waste is a little thin if you ask me but great job :D

  • person who likes wolves

    I already know how to draw a wolf I just need to know how to animate, that's all. Like I know to draw them Perfect.

  • Lesley Smith

    In horrible at drawing...

  • Moonwolf B

    The lighting is bad but I can see so it's oki

  • The Anime wolf Girl

    Thanks really helped

  • TinySkittelz Vainglory

    NYU? Ellen lied I think

  • Sniper Wolf

    This helped so much thanks!!!

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