Wedding dance, Alex and Irina, "Halo"

Choreography by Corina Linte -
Make-up -
Dress made by -
Thanks to all the people that made this possible!

0:00 - Celine Dion ft. Peabo Bryson - Beauty and the beast
0:50 - James Brown - Get up
0:53 - Bruno Mars - Marry you
1:05 - Whitney Houston - I wanna dance with somebody
1:22 - MC Hammer - Can't touch this
1:38 - Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby
1:55 - Haddaway - What is love
2:20 - Marvin Gaye - Let's get it on
2:45 - Beyoncé Halo
  • Dasni Senarathna

    This video makes me smile so much :’) and makes me wanna get married😂❤️You’ll managed to smile through the whole dance till end and you Guys have a whole new level of chemistry and so much love ❤️ Tho the breaks in between the dance tracks were too short and changes fast, it was simply perfect! Please make more dancing videos if you can :)

  • * kayla michelle *

    that dress is absolutely stunning. everything about this is beautiful.

  • Francisca Luquez

    Love the is biutiful,,😍😘

  • Alonda Ortiz

    El novio está bien rico😍

  • Mooroogen Magdalena

    wow so romantic the song halo is mind blowing congrats both of you ....

  • Kasia Szczyrba

    Love your dance! Can you please tell me where did you buy your dress? It’s gorgeous. My wedding is next year and I’m looking for similar style.

  • Liviu Teodor

    Foarte frumos SIS, printesa mea Andreea mai avea putin si intra si ea pe ring :)

  • Kaelyn Lehr

    Her dress is gorgeous 😍 I wanna wear that on my wedding day

  • jaaa17

    Beautiful dance and BEAUTIFUL DRESS!

  • Adriano Rossi

    Beautiful couple!☺☺☺☺☺☺

  • Kellianne Corso

    Congratulations Alex and Irina!!! I wish you a lifetime filled of Love and Happiness. It looks like you're off to an excellent start. I Loved watching the video. I thought the dance was perfect. Not too flashy or obnoxious. It touched me and I don't even know you. Ignore the prior ignorant comments. Some people just have no respect. Bless the two of you on your life's journey.

  • Délia Dos Santos

    they look so cute together!!....the dance was so nice.... congratulations!!!....God bless

  • Patricia Santos

    Lindo demais,, top... Noivos interagem,,

  • bonnet sixtine

    La robe de la mariée est magnifique!

  • Janique Robinson

    The support crowd is so boring

  • Elizabeth Oquialda

    Very nice wedding dance of Alex and Irina, congrats for both of you!

  • TheRealSimsShady

    who else came here thinking it was the halo 3 theme song

  • Adele Ademaro

    Superb ! imi place rochita e super frumoasa !

  • Fabiana Butenschoen

    The smile on her face tho ❤❤❤

  • ditiopursh Chowdhury

    Who is she ? She is so SO beautiful as beach ! I wish had someone like her smart,talented astonishing beautiful and faithful wife!

  • hotmama880

    Brilliant! You make it look effortless. Beautiful couple. I actually had tears in my eyes.

  • Bianca Wolf

    Romania is here....oh stai...tipi sunt romani..

  • Sully Bubu

    Ce couple de jeune marié et magnifique !!!!!! Ils dansent super bien avec une complicité d’un vrai couple je leur souhaite que du bonheur ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘😘😘😘😘ET VIVE LES MARIÉS ❤️❤️😘😘

  • Susie Alencar

    Lindo, lindo, lindo👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Alexxx x76

    Frumoasa pereche, Felicitari ;)

  • Lizmarie Vazquez

    I'm in love with this couple, I loved!!!!!! They're dance like one. So romantic!!!!😍😍😍😍

  • gordana rock

    Amazing and simply perfect <3 The connection between those two is pure love <3 the video gives me hope <3

  • Dasni Senarathna

    Oh and your dress so damn beautiful

  • Alluna

    Танец просто обалденный!!!!!!!

  • farhana mony

    What a beautiful dance and nice

  • Gavin Jackson

    This dance is perfect I was wondering if you have the music saved ?!? As we are trying to replicate this amazing performance for our wedding ??! Kind regards Gavin

  • Sab Rina

    Ils se la jouent carrément Danse avec les stars eux 😂 ... Médiocre performance 👎🏻

  • Yriaht letnemip

    I loved the dress 😍😍😍

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