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How to Draw Flames. Art for Kids How o Draw a Flame - Graffiti Fire Drawing Lesson by Michael Thoenes. In this lesson you will learn to draw the basic curves and shapes of the stylized flames often used to paint flames on cars or to create a flame background or graffiti letters. With the flames you could draw a Graffiti name with flames, a heart with flames or a flaming skull.

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  • Jerald McConnell

    it help me out but you got to draw the letter A in graffiti

  • RenDog Junior

    it looks a bit scribbly =[

  • Miley Seliquini

    this is impossible! ugh!

  • Skylar Felty

    This helped soo much I just wanted to say thank you my school notebook is now on fire!

  • The Milkshake Gamer

    Thanks! Now I finish my draw :D 

  • Leaf Greens

    Let me correct him! A flame doesn't have to be kind of a "drip shape" to be a good flame. A good flame depends on how you look at it. Different flames are use in different ways in different drawings and paintings. Yes that's what I have to say.

  • mano carvano

    im the fiery master of fire 

  • Diann Lloyd

    while ur drawing it looks so slopppy how u do it but the outcome is amazing nice drawing

  • Jessica Corlichsdcghj

    this helped a TON :D

  • Rakos McHill

    Nice, simple pattern. Cool.

  • Ubaidullah Sayedzai

    وه دی غیم په دی video سره دی

  • Omotade Ogunmodede

    fire may breathe but it doesn't live. Video is to long eventually gôt boring

  • tigerlilyred

    this realy helped, i could never draw fire and i needed to draw some on a skull for a school project

  • Rubrum Cruz

    what country is that name from?

  • Andrea Sanders

    mine looked like a retarded tree :(

  • Alexia Beckles

    love te drawing ut the colouring could use some work if you agree send a thoums up ans if you disagree send a thumds down

  • Samantha Duran

    Can u plz do how to draw flames in words plzzzz

  • Alexis Agidee

    thanks sooo much this has helped with my hwk sooo much

  • Max McCoy

    why did you color over the orange yellow at the bottom and why didn't you add smoke

  • Kristana Bryant

    Its a metaphor fire cant breath or live it just moves your dumb

  • trinity grace

    its supposed too its fire its not perfectly solid duh

  • Brooklynn Rinck

    This helped me sooooooooooooooo much because I am in a class art and we are selling them to people in our school and this kid said he wants a scull on fire so the video helped me draw the fire TY for this video ☺

  • Infinity_Artist

    I did the first two things he said and then made it flow on my own and might I say it turned out way better than his

  • Julian Christianson

    Fire needs oxygen to thrive so there fire does breath

  • Sean Green

    Thank you for the help, I am working on a big project and this helped big time! :-)

  • Liora Boudin


  • Muzil Latif


  • Nithya P

    thanks a bunch for making this video!!! i could make a creative front page for my project on forest fires!! thanksss

  • MeRk SHocK

    you helped me whit my hw thxxx

  • lola levit

    Can you draw a panda and koala?

  • TAS

    1:00 with subtitles on "Race a little bit of this"

  • Acosha Pryor

    to me drowing a fame is very esey

  • John Doe

    Nice video and go to 0:50 with subtitles on lol

  • chloe doraty

    This looks so realistic!!!!

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