How to Draw a Dragon Head

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  • Ribbynator YT

    ;-; so hardi did it but it didnt turn out dat good....

  • Arturo E

    wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwoooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww it was great pony gal

  • Jagged

    I drew this at seven, now I'm 11

  • Kausar Munir

    can you please make Roman reigns

  • DragonLover 101213

    hey MarkCrilley, you were right! It is called a snout

  • Shawky T3

    This is what made me start drawing. Thank you

  • 1of15

    Me and My 15 brothers (I'm the only girl) Love to draw, especially this! I'm the youngest so it really helps me escape.

  • Edward Sizemore

    "snake belly skin" is called scutes

  • Troy Clark

    can i have you approval to say you know what

  • Tungsten Tyrannosaurs

    A nostril snout XD The phrases he uses XD I love it

  • bamburger4 videos

    to good! i could never draw like that i love the design man!

  • Emily S

    omg thank you so much for this video i loved it and you can teach art so well!

  • Lone Badger

    I came back in 2017 because this video was he first I watched on YouTube with no account and it was the first thing I ever drew and I wish I still had it, I was 10 at the time as well.

  • alex reid

    followed this and made the first good drawing of my life

  • Fluffel

    How much centimeters is an inch? Pls answer

  • Nuša Grubar

    So when i was 10 ( now im almost 14) i was bored so i went on youtube and saw that video. i was like no way that is to hard but i tried it anyway and it came out really good...this video is the reason i really got into art. THANK YOU

  • Pro GamingTR

    Thank you so much Its was easy and funny now I can show to my friends

  • Dinner and a Podcast

    Hey Mark, I used this video to draw my first ever dragon and it helped so much thanks! Is there a second part were you color it? I'm into comic markers but would love to see how you do it. Thanks , Steve

  • hopeless skies amethyst

    That was not a Canadian accent I can tell u cuz I love in canada

  • Explosive Diarrhea

    Thanks for the amazing drawing!!!

  • Daniel

    I litterly, just attempted to move his hand. I'm an idiot XD

  • Sonik Slonik

    Могу поспорить что кто-то из России или Украины смотрит это видео :) Кроме меня :)Можу посперечатися що хтось із Россії чи України дивиться це відео :)Крім мене :)

  • Ryan Anderson

    This is an amazing tutorial!


    4:15 I didn’t hear anything

  • Technology Hacks

    I think this one is a little easier than the other new video you did :/

  • Family Time!


  • Easy Tube

    I enjoy your videos allot your the best art teacher you got a new sub!!! 😁😋😊😄😂

  • Sleepy Ash

    mine got highly perfect! but the scales of the face were not as real as yours, you did not show, so it was difficult to get emitted, but it was very real!

  • Elise Rachel Murray

    1:10He looks so happy!

  • 태풍

    A skkskzkzkwk2kwaiksiejejsjzndndne&n)3)a++++고

  • Nexus Vexus

    It's look real bro..I like it👍👍

  • Navjot Singh Juneja

    I am a big fan of you markcrilley and I like your artwork a lot. I have tried your many tutorials and I became successful like realistic eye, dragon, tiger

  • Phoebe_ Steele204

    is it just me or is it 2017 december?

  • Tungsten Tyrannosaurs

    Dragon manufacturing business XD

  • Sonik Slonik

    This is vanderfull dragons !!!

  • Ms. Queen

    Omg thank u so much this video really helped me draw a dragon (I drew the same one that u did) but yeah the dragon turned out really good but the shading for me is messed up 😂

  • DrawingWiyhCat

    He sounds like denis wen he does the weird voice xD

  • Twenty One Pilots Panic! At a Fall Out Boy Concert

    The mouth just doesn't look right to me. I feel like it would definitely be a plant eater if it didn't have the teetg

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